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7 Famous Places in Israel You Don't Want to Miss

7 Famous Places in Israel You Don't Want to Miss

This post will cover seven of the most famous places in Israel, that you definitely should check out if you’re already here/there. 

Even though Israel is a small country, even a tiny one, yet it still manages to have tons of famous and diverse places within it. 

In this list, we’ll cover only the most famous and special out of all of them!

1. The Western Wall

You can’t come to Israel without going to Jerusalem, and you can’t fo to Jerusalem without going to the old city. And if you’re already there, you must go to the Western Wall. 

This is (probably) the most famous wall in the world. It’s a fragment of the remaining wall of the Second Jewish Temple. People come there to pray and absorb the spiritual atmosphere of the place. And they also put small notes with their wishes on them in the cracks. 

If you ever go there, write your wish on a piece of paper and look for a crack to place it in.

The Western Wall, Jerusalem
The Western Wall, Jerusalem

2. The Dead Sea

This sea is the lowest place in the whole world, while the amount of salt (salinity) in the waters of this sea is the highest. 

If you go there (and you should), you should try to float there, and find out if it works better than in other seas. But be careful of getting water in your eyes, the salt will burn like hell. Get into the sea only on your own responsibility, and maybe don’t try swimming in it. It’s supposed to be really hard, if not impossible. 

The Dead Sea, Israel
The Dead Sea, Israel

3. Kineret 

Also known as the little sea of the Galilee or Lake Tiberias. It’s the second lowest lake in the world, and as a complete opposite to the Dead Sea, its waters are freshwater – completely not salty! 

This is a great attraction for families’ hangouts and picnics, for camping (only where it’s allowed) and also just for a casual swim. The waters are beautiful and originate (as a main source) in the Jordan River.

The Kineret
The Kineret

4. Bahai World Centre and Gardens

The Bahá’í is a religion, or a faith, as some call it, emphasising on the unity of all people. The Bahá’í centre is a spiritual place in Haifa, at the northern-western part of Israel. It is known for its shrines and gardens, and is surely a very special place to visit.

Bahai Gardens, Haifa
Bahai Gardens, Haifa

5. Mount Hermon 

This is the highest mountain in Israel – so not THAT high… only 2,814 meters above sea level. It holds Israel’s border with Syria, and also Syria’s border with Lebanon. Its top is marked as a UN buffer zone. 

People enjoy going there especially in the winter, as it’s the only place in Israel where you can (try to) ski. 

Mount Hermon, Golan Heights
Mount Hermon, Golan Heights

6. Masada

This fortress, in the south of Israel, near the Dead Sea, is known for its ancient story, of the 960 Jewish rebels that killed themselves there to not get captured by the Romans. 

But despite its horrific story, this is a lovely place to visit. Many music concerts were held there, and it is known that the sun rises from the fortress, on top of its great isolated rock, are breathtaking. 

Masada Fortress
Masada Fortress

7. The Basilica of Annunciation

You must know that Jesus originally was from Israel (even if you’re an atheist and you have no connection to religion). His town of birth is Bethlehem, but a significant place of his story is actually in the northern city of Nazareth.

This city holds this special church, that’s also called The Basilica of Annunciation, that is known to be where Virgin Mary got the annunciation that she would bear Jesus. 

Whether you’re Christian or not, it’s a beautiful place to visit.

Basilica of the Annunciation, Nazareth
Basilica of the Annunciation, Nazareth

Bonus: Tel Aviv’s Beach

One the most famous features of Tel Aviv and of Israel as a whole. The beautiful beach that opens up to the Mediterranean Sea is a wonderful place for a visit. 

Tel Aviv's Beach
Tel Aviv’s Beach

So that’s it for the list. Was it interesting? Did you learn anything new, or did you know everything already? Leave a comment about what surprised you!

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