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5 Unique Passover Recipes You Have to Try!

5 Unique Passover Recipes You Have to Try!

Looking for something to spice up your dinner table on Passover? Maybe a new, unique recipe to try? Well, I'm here to show you five unique, new Passover recipes that I've personally tried! They're all delicious, fun, and might create a new tradition for your family! All photos from this blog post are from the recipe websites they come from, click the titles to go straight to the recipe and see more photos!

1. Tori Avey's Tortino d'Azzima (Matzo Pie)

Italian Vegetable Matzo Pie - Passover recipe from Alessandra at Dinner in Venice. Meat - Vegan, Pareve, or Vegetarian with Modification. Kosher for Passover

Can I just say YUM? Tori Avey and her friend Alessandra wrote this lovely parve recipe. It consists of swiss chard, matzo, artichoke, asparagus, mushroom, and more yummy things. It's basically a kosher for Passover vegetable pie - and boy, it's delicious! Almost...lasagna-y? 

2. Jamie Geller's Kofta Kebabs

Savory flavor shines in this recipe! It's delicious and a perfect item for a Passover dinner with a simple swap from Panko to matzo meal. They're not too difficult to make, either!

3. Rachel Ray's Roasted Salmon with Lemon-Herb Matzo Crust

5 Unique Passover Recipes You Have to Try!

Parve, lemony, and so tasty? Yeah! A simple fish recipe is a must-have and this one is fantastic. The matzo crust is flavorful and just crispy enough, love it!

4. Miri Rotkovitz (Spruce Eats)'s Persian Roast Chicken

5 Unique Passover Recipes You Have to Try!

Persian spices at Pesach?! Please! As a Persian Jew myself, I'm always looking for delicious Persian style recipes to add to my lineup. This chicken is a surefire winner! Cinnamon, cumin, and citrus flavors make this recipe so tasty. 

5. Abbey Sharp's Vegetarian Matzo Lasagna

5 Unique Passover Recipes You Have to Try!

Possibly my favorite recipe on this list, it's simply SO good! It is a dairy meal, but it's so filling and flavorful. It is a little tedious (don't worry, Abbey has amazing directions), but very worth it to make. This is one the kids will love and they even can help layer the matzo! 

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