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5 Underrated Israeli Foods

5 Underrated Israeli Foods

Trying some new Israeli style food for Yom Ha'atzmaut? Here's some underrated and lesser known food from our great country of Israel, tried and tested by yours truly - recipes provided. Yum, yum, YUM! Israel has a ton of influence from other Middle Eastern and North African countries. With such a hodgepodge of cultures, of course there's some delicious food to be had! 

1. Harira Soup

5 Underrated Israeli Foods

Here's some Moroccan flair! Yummy seasoning such as turmeric and cinnamon, chickpeas, and a delicious broth all tie this spiced soup together as one of the best soups ever. 

Recipe/photo by TasteofMaroc


2. Huevos Haminados

5 Underrated Israeli Foods

Sephardic in origin, these delicious eggs are similar to Chinese tea eggs! They're made with coffee (sometimes tea), spices, and garlic. Typically, haminados are eaten over Passover, but may be enjoyed any time.

Recipe/photo by InsaneInTheBrine


3. Tahini Cookies

5 Underrated Israeli Foods

Maybe not as unknown as other dishes on this list, but still often overlooked. Tahini cookies are delicious and usually feature a topping of pine nuts or sesame seeds!

Recipe/photo by BonAppetit

4. Kadaif

5 Underrated Israeli Foods

Looking for a delicious dairy dish? Look no further than the Middle Eastern dish of Kadaif! It's yummy, sweet, and such a cool dish to display on your dinner table.

Recipe/photo by Mission-Food

5. Amba Sauce

5 Underrated Israeli Foods

Not actually a dish, but I felt the need to include this pickled mango delicacy brought to Israel by Iraqi Jews. It's used to top so many things - try it on your favorite shawarma! 

Recipe/photo by WhatJewWannaEat

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