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10 Unique Places to Visit in Israel

10 Unique Places to Visit in Israel

See our list of the 10 unique places you should visit in Israel, and probably never heard of, or never knew how special they are. 
As we’ve already said in our previous post about famous places to visit in Israel, there are many known, special and interesting places in Israel, regardless of its tiny size. You can’t cover all of them in a one, small list. 
So today we’ll talk bout the most unique and special (though probably less famous) places, that you should highly consider to visit when coming to Israel.



1. Shrine of the Book

This special place is located in Jerusalem, in the Israel Museum. You can find there some of the most important archeological discoveries of the 20th century, including old scrolls and some ancient Jewish traditions exhibitions. 
If you’re into learning about the past and old cultures and all this cool dusty stuff, you should definitely pay a visit there. 
Shrine of the Book, Jerusalem (Adobe Stock)

2. Western Wall Tunnel

This place is, how surprising, also in Jerusalem (what can we say, when you have a two thousand year old city, you’ve oughta have some interesting things in it). 
This tunnel is taking place in the east of Jerusalem. Actually, it’s a whole bunch of tunnels, from various different areas in Israel’s history. Walking along these tunnels and spaces gives you a feeling of a time-travel. 
Again, if you’re interested in these cool old stuff, and you don’t mind a little walking in a closed place, definitely go there, as a once in a lifetime experience. 
Western Wall Tunnel, Jerusalem (Adobe Stock)

3. Gan HaGat

We’re moving on to the next best city in Israel, Tel Aviv. There are, of course, plenty of awesome places to visit in Tel Aviv, but this one is really unique.
This archaeological site is located in a small public garden in the north of Tel Aviv, and it includes a Winepress that was firstly used back in the 4th century BC. How cool is that.
So what are you waiting for? While you’re already in Tel Aviv, add a nice trip to the Gat Garden and enjoy the ancient history while having a nice walk in the park.
Gan HaGat (Wikipedia)

4. Beit She’arim

We’re hope you’re not tired of archaeological sites, because we have plenty. This one is located in the Lower Galilee. It is also called, the Necropolis. Originally, there was a Jewish settlement from the Second House Period in there, and now it is a heritage site, not only for Israel, but for International education organizations.
The meaning of a Necropolis is cemetery city, that was built next to or under the living city. But don’t worry, there’s nothing creepy about it, it’s just very interesting to see.
Necropolis of Bet She’arim (Adobe Stock)

5. Caesarea

Oh, the city Caesarea. One of the wealthiest places in Israel. But that’s not the only special thing about it. This city, too, has a lot of history right in its reach. For instance, the city was named after Augustus Caesar, after it was conquered by the Roman Empire.
Whether you’re into learning more from the city’s ancient archaeological historical part, or into the fun, vocation-like vibes of the modern city, you’re probably going to find something to enjoy about this place.
Ancient Roman aqueduct at Caesarea (Adobe Stock)

6. Mini Israel

This place is truly unique. This time it’s not an archaeological site or an ancient-modern city, but the entire country. In miniatures. 
This miniature park is located in Emek Ayalon, and it has around 35,000 meters of exhibitions, from Mount Hermon to Makhtesh Ramon. 
This is a fun experience for everyone, but kids could enjoy it even more, especially after going with you to all those museums and gardens and tunnels. Finally something they can take pictures with.
Mini Israel (Adobe Stock)

7. Rosh HaNikra Grottoes

We’d say these ones aren’t quite like the tunnels in Jerusalem. They are located in the north of Israel, just in reach of the border with Lebanon, and they’re also right near the sea. This place is actually famous for the beautiful turquoise waters that surround these grottoes and caves. But not only that, they also have the steepest cable car in the entire world!
So right, this place might be count as famous, but did you hear of it before? Either way, we’d say it’s quite unique, and definitely worth a visit.
Natural grottoes in the chalk cliffs of Rosh Hanikra (Adobe Stock)

8. Beit Guvrin Caves

Let’s hope you’re not tired of caves yet, because we have some more for you. This one has dozens of caves and underground cavities and archeological sites, all from the remainings of the ancient city Marsha. 
As you can tell by now, Israel is full of big juicy junks of history, all available and so close. Visiting those sites and experiencing the places’ uniqueness is never boring if you fully understand what you’re witnessing. Just try to fathom how many years these caves exist, without feeling like a toddler.
Beit Guvrin Caves (Adobe Stock)

9. Ben Gurion’s Tomb

And now for a little newer history. If you’re familiar with Israeli history, you’ll know that David Ben Gurion was the very first prime minister of this country, in the middle of the previous century. 
So while you’re here, why not visit his tomb in the Negev, with its wonderful view to the Zin River. 
The tomb site is pretty as itself, in the middle of a green garden, and there’s also something powerful about standing next to the grave of this unforgettable man.
David and Paula Ben Gurion’s Tomb (Adobe Stock)

10. Ramat Hanadiv Garden

Speaking of gardens and graves, you should totally visit the gardens of Ramat Hanadiv. This is a big natural park, located around the tomb of the Baron Rothschild, the generous Jewish donor, that contributed a lot to the building of Israel as a country.
This place is located near the Zichron Yaakov, a modern settlement around the north of Israel, near the city Haifa. 
Should definitely check this place out, as it is an absolutely gorgeous place to visit.
Park Ramat Hanadiv (Adobe Stock)


So that was it. Now you really have no excuse to not come to Israel anymore, with all the information we gave you about the super-cool places you can visit here.
But maybe you already knew all of these places? Maybe you even visited them? Tell us in the comments how many places did you know from the list, which one you visited and how was it.

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