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10 Jewish TikTokers You Have to Check Out!

10 Jewish TikTokers You Have to Check Out!

TikTok is perhaps the most up-and-coming app/social network for the younger (and older) generations. Interestingly enough, there's a HUGE Jewish sub-community! Today, I'm going to be talking about 10 must-know Jewish TikTokers you should totally check out. 

1. TzniusFeminist

Chaya is, along with being a SABABA affiliate, one of the very few Orthodox and Tznius Jews making regular content on TikTok. She talks about tznius (Jewish modesty) fashion, feminism, Orthodoxy, conversion, teaching, and so much more. And can use her code CHAYA for 10% off! 

2. KosherLentils

Ruth is another SABABA affiliate. She discusses kosher veganism, tznius fashion, and conversion on her TikTok page...along with some very amusing humor. She's a great watch if you're looking for funny Jewish camp counselor vibes! 

3. LibbyAmberWalker

Libby Walker is, once again, a SABABA affiliate. She's known for her character Sheryl Cohen (the Jewish mom) and makes a ton of funny, POV-ish skits. She's recently moved up the social ladder and gotten herself on a Jewish eSports team. Go Libby!

4. JewCrazy

Brothers-in-law Tommer and Yossi are no strangers to TikTok, nor SABABA. We worked with them around Hanukkah 2020 and had a blast seeing what their creative minds came up with! They are Orthodox guys who make fun dancing videos - and respond creatively to harsh comments. 

5. TheRealMelindaStrauss

Maybe one of the most well-known Orthodox creators in general, Melinda Strauss answers questions about Orthodoxy, Israel, and her family. If you're ever curious about something related to Judaism, she's the person to go to! 

6. Tzofiah

Tzofiah is one of the nicest creators you'll find on TikTok. She, as a Chabad woman, makes videos about tznius fashion, her life as an Orthodox Jew, and Taylor Swift (who else?). She's a kind soul and so informative! Especially if you don't know much about observant Judaism. 

7. SJ_Rachel

Rachel is an incredibly talented Jewish singer/actor. In a Maggid/Cantor combination style, they tell stories of Judaism via songs they write themselves. They're reform, non-binary, and a great representation of our community overall. So much talent in one person! 

8. NyalaJudea

Nyala is an Ethiopian Jewish activist who creates content mainly revolving around her identity, Israel, and sometimes delicious food! She's a great person to watch if you're curious about Ethiopian Jews - and you should be. 

9. RabbiSandra

Rabbi Sandra is an Army-Vet, Rabbi, and an amazing singer. She answers questions about Judaism, sings songs, and talks about her personal life. She does a lot for the Jewish community and representation within it, especially local to her in North Carolina! 

10. Milli_not_so_vanilli

Milli is a firecracker of a Jewish woman who makes informative content while also being sure to put anti Semitic commenters in their place. She is not afraid to speak out against injustice and make sure she's heard! Not to mention, she has a really cool collection of glasses.



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