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10 Cool Things You (Probably) Didn't Know about Israel

Read our list of top 10 cool things you probably didn't know about Israel:

  1. The most popular snack in Israel is Bamba.

Known for its peanut flavor, the little bag with the red-headed baby on it is almost considered the national food of Israel, or at least the national snack.

  1. The kind-of-official national food of Israel is Falafel.

The truth is that Falafel is originally from Egypt, but because Israel is a relatively new country, with many people from different backgrounds and ethnicities, it’s hard to find food that doesn’t already belong to a different culture. In this case, there was no choice. Falafel united the Israeli public like no other food, so it got a special permission to pass as Israeli.

  1. Israel has won the Eurovision 4 times, and is the only country that won the contest more than once aside from Spain, Ireland and Luxembourg. 

The first time was in 1978, the second time was in 1979, the third time was in 1998, and the last time was not so long ago, in 2018.

  1. Israel has won the Miss World contest once. 

Apparently 1998 was a good year for Israel. Apart from winning in the Eurovision for the third time, Linor Abargil became Miss World. Double win for this year!

  1. Noam is the most popular name in Israel, both for boys and girls.

Or at least, that’s what the latest update says. As a fun game to test if this is really (or still) accurate, try calling out “Noam” when you’re in the middle of the street in Israel, and see how many people turn around. 

  1. Israeli scientists decided that giraffe milk is kosher.

It’s hard to imagine what exactly did the scientists do to test whether that milk is kosher or not and what were their guidelines in this study, but apparently, you can drink kosher giraffe milk. As you always do, of course, right in your morning coffee….

  1. The glue on Israeli stamps is kosher.

Just like with the giraffe milk, there’s the question: What can make a glue kosher or not kosher? Apparently (again), Israelis found a way to determine whether a glue is kosher or not, and how to make it kosher if it’s not, all for the national stamps.

  1. There are over 40 kosher McDonald’s in Israel.

It makes sense that the only Jewish country in the world would have the only kosher McDonald’s places in the world – apart of Buenos Aires, that happen to also have a kosher McDonald’s (for some reason).

  1. There are around 273 kibbutzim in Israel.

The Kibbutz is an Israeli-Zionist invention. The first ones were built when the country was only half-existent. It’s not like a city or a town or anything else. You need to be in a Kibbutz to understand how it works. 

  1. Speaking of inventions: The cherry tomato was invented in Israel (alongside the USB stick, the drip irrigation system, and other awesome stuff).

Israelis love to brag about them being a nation of inventors, and that is probably why. 

Think about more cool things people should know about Israel? leave your comment below, we'd love to hear it.

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